July 28, 2010

Annnnnnnd We're Back!

Why long time no see!  Many apologies to those who have been itching for more updates -- the production team have been busy creating our world of fun, excitement and pig lovin' goodness!  We'd like to throw a few photos your way from a couple shoots to wet your beak.

And big ups to everyone on the cast & crew!  We have a LONG list of people we need to thank by the end of this -- every single person has been going the distance and we're trying to make it as fun as possible for all involved.  Let's keep rockin' it!!!

 Cinematographer Extraordinaire Stephen Whitehead filming the news stand the Art Dept. (Yim Hung Kung on the right) assembled from scratch.
Again.  Art Dept.  Above & Beyond.  Seriously if you guys can take a break and not make everyone else look lazy we'd appreciate it :P
Green screen excitement.  Ryan Ward busting some of the funniest improv we've ever heard!  Some had to leave set from laughing too much (see Jonathan)....
Production Office - Storing Set Dressing c. Yesterday
Scenes we have shot so far on our "Wall of Success".

Closeup of the "Wall of Success"!!!  Notice the pig smiley face heh.
Kenji putting his last touches on the sidewalk covered with brain matter.  Just another day, Kenji :)
Jeannette Nguyen's crafty propaganda posters, guaranteed to give me nightmares
Passers by thought the G20 was back in action.  Almost, not quite.
(left to right) Bravo! capturing some behind-the-scenes footage; Adam Parsons' (killer sound mixer) first day on the shoot, returning from a case of Malaria!  Great to have him back and all coughalmostcough better!
Feels good wrapping the last scene of the day :) Onto a 6:45am call in Hamilton!  They were more open to us throwing a TV off a 2nd story balcony than Toronto was....

July 18, 2010

A Little Taste...

HEY!  We just busted out 3 of our 15 shooting days last week and thought we'd bring everyone up to speed on the awesomeness that is WATCL with some wicked-cool-blackberry-photos!  Enjoy!!!!
I caved after 6 whole years and finally filmed a scene at my house (we turn it into a large face for Halloween;)
"Sir, this is a major crime investigation.  This house was brutally TP'd.  Nothing to see here move along, sir."
What can happen when a director takes on storyboarding by himself. We'll sell it for millions once  he's famous.
A VERY small taste of what our extraordinary art department has been cooking up (they even wrote a whole article for it)!
YANN MARTEL generously donated signed copies of his books to help raise funds to complete the film.  We were excited to hear that he saw the promo videos online and likes the direction we're taking in adapting his story. 
 This is considered a walk in the park for our makeup artist extraordinaire Kenji Sato!

July 17, 2010

Interviewing Artists

The Art Show was a complete success thanks to SO many people donating their time & support.  Witnessing the event unfold with such a large group supporting the arts was a very heartwarming experience.

An enthusiastic individual in particular, Rob Borts, brought his camcorder and interviewed the artists who showcased their beautiful artwork.  Take a peek and if you like what you see (most likely!) visit their respective websites introduced in the video.  Shwing!

July 6, 2010

Art Show, Smart Show

Yes, the title for this blog is completely irrelevant to the blog itself but gosh darn it's fun to rhyme!

And we ARE holding a FREE Art Show this Thursday with jewelry, pottery, paintings and other art pieces for sale.  All proceeds are going towards the film :)  And hey, half of us are struggling artists so if you'd rather get rid of that annoying change in your pockets we'll have VERY INVITING jars to throw 'em in!

Established Canadian Artists showcasing their works include:
Césan d'Ornella Levine -- www.cesan.ca
Rose Mihalyi -- www.mihalyifineart.com
Studio Minou -- www.studiominou.ca
Tama Kossman Pottery
Erinn Acland .....and more!

The soirée is taking place at 92 Hilton Ave. Toronto, ON (Bathurst & St. Clair) from 6:00pm-9:30pm

July 2, 2010

Teaser Pour Vous

Word up.  As you already know we're to trying to head into production this month (depending on our FUNdraising efforts) so we decided to shoot a lil teaser for you.  Take a look see and get yourself PUMPED! for what could be an awesome shoot.  Woot.

OH and hey,  you're more than welcome to help make this film happen by going to the Indiegogo link Andrew posted below, but BEWARE! Side effects of donating my include:
-Heightened self-awareness
-Rapid hair growth
-Elevated diction
-Better sense of style
-and the gratitude in knowing you are contributing to the betterment of CANADIAN arts and culture!

WATCL Protest Teaser from Andrew Cividino on Vimeo.

WATCL Fundraising HQ

We don't need your money (though we wouldn't say no) - we need you to forward our project to your family and friends and to tell indiegogo to feature us on their front page by clicking 'feature it' at the bottom right of our fundraising page.



June 29, 2010


Our trusty sign that gets us through the day... and lots of yellow paper.
Script Breakdowns! What all fine production managers dream of.  No, really they do.

More boring ol' breakdowns.....or...YELLOW PAPER ORGY!!!

Our first day of Principal Photography AT THE G20!!! The dozen cops on bikes weren't impressed  with our lovely actress's shirt, or the pig masks ;) And neither was the homeless man who reminded us that God is a drug lord.  Really he is.

One of the directors after a looooong day of casting.  Boy howdy!